How can I skip to a different part of a video?
Click play to start the video, once the intro video has played and it starts playing the video you selected you may drag the timeline slider to where-ever you want the video to start playing. If you are listening to audio the process is the same except there is not an intro video before the audio starts playing. All video and audio in the courses utilize on-demand streaming services so you can skip to any part of the file at any time without needing to load the entire file. Please be patient after moving the slider it may take the video a minute to start playing again at the new time-frame depending on your internet connection speed.

Prelicense Returning To Video: If you are having any problems returning to where you left off use the "notes" button on a Prelicense course to jot down the time you paused the video. That way you can view when you left off and drag the slider to the correct spot to resume your video.
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